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new pylon design
pylons sculptures

new pylons, pastels

installations on pylons

New pylons design

    My drawings are models for sculptures - pylons multi-support.
They target infrastructure such as:
  - Towers of power lines
  - Masts wind
  - Antenna - mobile telephone relay
  - Lighting masts ...
    I try to turn the pylons into works of art and give them a aesthetic and artistic touch of our landscapes. These are innovative solutions for sustainable development in the energy sector. 
    The sculptures pylons are symbolically in the same  existing metal building truss tower module. I create new forms: humanoid pylons, beautiful ladies, birds, animals, insects, flowers, trees, numbers and letters, geometric shapes and abstract forms ..giant pylons marching, walking, dancing.

"n" forms

pylons, larges drawings

 urbain furniture


Networks into Artworks

The men have sowed in their path man made constructions but unwanted – Pylons, lighting poles, antennas, bridges, wind turbines, towers. My artistic approach in the environment is inspired by the visible and the invisible (the pylon, energy carrier, is visible, but the energy that goes through the cables is invisible, the antennas are visible, but radio waves are invisible.
From this inspiration, I chose the name of "High Tension" for my sculptures and my installations and “Electric Art” to my artistic path. In the first stage of creation, I must forget that the buildings are metal "giants" and not think about the technical, climatic, electrical, mechanical constraints… giving free rein to the imagination. 
Elena Paroucheva
INDIA POWER Magazine, INDIA, 2008

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