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French manual, Bac professional Seconds - From Tower to "The Source" -  book and CD.
Two pages on the artwork of Elena Paroucheva. Understanding the creation process of an artist. How a technical object can become a work of art?
Editions CASTEILLA  France, April 2011
, 10 000 copies in circulation.         On ligne: Edition
Santiago Presentation:
"SCL 2041
A new paradigm for the quality of life in Santiago", Pablo Allard, Dean, School of Architecture and Art, Universidad del Desarrollo 2009, p. 24-28 (ESP)
Ecole Vesrailles University thesis:
Saclay Master Project ENSAV Versailles, Supervisors: Emmanuel Combarel and Luc Régis 2011-2012 (FR)
"Innovative solutions for overhead line supports"
Booklet: CIGRE Edition (International Council on Large Electric Systems),  June 2010. CIGRE
landscape tower "Energy & Art"  
Catalog of the exhibition: CIGRE, Session 43, Palais des Congrès de Paris, France - August 2010 
Pro4events Edition. Page 7: Elena Paroucheva - Art and Environment - Energy & Art
power lines integration in the nature "Form and colour in the lanscape"  - History of the Finnish lanscape tower
August 2009: Book, edited in FINLANDBook by FINGRID, Finlande. Edition "Design and Layout" Helsinki. Auteurs: Maarit Kauniskangas and  Helena Hökkä.
"Finnish lanscape towers have won design awards, and one has been named a piece of Environmental Art. The Bulgarian-born artist Elena Paroucheva has created art on transmission line towers in France, by building various illuminated "dresses" on ordinary transmission line towers... "       Link: FINGRID
"Networks into Artworks"  
Catalog of the exhibition: CIGRE, Session 42, Palais des Congrès de Paris, France - August 2008 
Pro4events Edition. Page 7: Elena Paroucheva - Art and Environment - Networks into Artworks
"Sustainable Development"  Report: RTE France Edition, 2008
"Generations" - Exhibition catalog "Generations 1963 - 2008"
Edition of the University "St. Ciril and St. Methodius", Faculty of Fine Arts, city of Veliko Tarnovo - Bulgaria 2008
2008-cob-uk Werkatelier Spanning (z)onder maaiveld  : par Richard van Ravesteijn, 2008 pp. 4, 9, 21, 50 (NL)
"Fair Integration"  – Catalogue. Edition:  Mobil operator "ORANGE", France 2006.
power lanscape "European Meeting of Sculpture" -  Edition “Espace Bourdelle” 2005.
Book: "Hatch on the palette" -  book of Pavel Pavlov – Edition Sliven 2005.
buitink technology "De electriciteismast als Kunstobject" - "Buitink Technology" - Hollande, 2004.
avant garde "Avant-garde end norms" - Innovational tendencies from the end of 20th century in Bulgarian art –  S. Stefanov, edition « Agata » 2003 Sofia.
Catalogue "Elena Paroucheva" - Edition Departamento da Cultura, Lisboa, Portugal 2000.
Catalogue: "N forms ? Reconstructions and interpretations" -  Edition “SOROS Center for Arts” Sofia.
Book: Annuaire de l’Art International - 14ème édition. (Edition Sermadiras, France).
Catalogue "Elena Paroucheva, paintings" - Edition « Izkustvo 1991 » Bulgarie.
Book: "Salon d’Automne, de 1903 à nos jours" - Edition « Arts et Images du Monde », France.
Book: "Encyclopédie de l’art moderne bulgare"  - Edition du Ministère de la Culture, Bulgarie,1990.


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