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Electric Art

My conception to Art and Environment

new pylon design 

In my artworks I search a connection between art, environment and energy, I try to give another look at the visual aspect of our environment and I would like to give an artistic touch to our industrial heritage.

Main idea is to transform the energy network supports into works of art, symbolically maintaining the basic module and incorporating it in carrying out "sculptures – electric pylons," sculptures - antennas, "sculptures - gateways" ... 

I want to highlight rather than conceal them, after all these are "dolmens" of our time.

My artworks, pylons multi suppotr involve the support of networks:

- Low, medium and high voltage power lines 

- Renewable energy windmills 

- Antennas - relaying mobile

- Lighting – highways, stadiums, public spaces, etc.

- Bridges and footbridges

- Oil towers

- Urban furniture

Her are of two kinds:

Art Installations: This solution treats the transformation of existing building in the environment. They are investigated according to reception area and allow the modification of the visual aspect of the infrastructure into artistic works.

Sculptures: This way explores new forms for pylons to be implanted in the landscape, urban and rural areas.  Sculptures use "symbolically" the same modules of metallic construction for the realization of « pylons - sculptures », « antennas - sculptures », « wind energy - sculptures » and “lighting – sculptures”.

 See the website represented a monumental artwork "Source":

    source, amneville


The men have sowed in their path man made constructions but unwanted – Pylons, lighting poles, antennas, bridges, wind turbines, towers. My artistic approach in the environment is inspired by the visible and the invisible (the pylon, energy carrier, is visible, but the energy that goes through the cables is invisible, the antennas are visible, but radio waves are invisible.

• My inspiration comes from a share of the mystical and invisible phenomenon of energy (power, speed, its sources, its tension, its paths). But also the enigma that emerged from the waves and its vibrations communicate to us. This invisible world which vibrates in the air is very attractive to me, because it is in another dimension. The artist is totally free to her interpretations.
• On the other hand, my inspiration comes from the visible elements of buildings. Just look carefully at the landscape through a high voltage pylon it cuts the sky in small geometrical dimensions by the intersection of horizontal lines, vertical and diagonal conferred the structure. They create a rhythm between "full and empty" on the merits of the sky ... In the first stage of creation, I must forget that the buildings are metal "giants" and not think about the technical, climatic, electrical, mechanical constraints… giving free rein to the imagination.

The elements entering "games" in the spirit of the work are sensors, diodes, insulators, rotors, antennas, dishes ...
From this inspiration, I chose the name of "High Tension" for my sculptures and my installations and “Electric Art” to my artistic path.

The first ideas:

The adventure of High Tension began for me a long time ago, first with the observation of the landscape, often marred by any kind of useful construction, but not always aesthetic. I watched the huge electricity towers in the fields and I imagined walking giants, transforming themselfs, illuminated. Sometimes they were cats, dancers, men who walked ... at other times completely abstract forms appeared to me.

What was the click? 

It came in 1999,  when I readied in the press that the disappearance of the towers was planned for 2035 in France, following the passage of the underground electricity network. Then there was the decision to try to intervene on this landscape in my own way, even to prevent its disappearance and keep a few towers as a symbol of our time. My ideas were turned into drawings, models, photographs, graphics, studies and projects.

The Symbolism    

Each artwork bears the symbol of the reception area where she resides. It becomes "a particular work in a particular area." A deepened reflection is led on the history, actual life and future projects of the place of integration. An example of such thinking is the study for the monumental work "Source" which carries the symbolic of Amneville and its thermal source.


The materials

The choice of materials for the completion of works is decided on matters in harmony with contemporary technologies. The materials chosen must be lasting on time and resist the weather.
For sculpture, the choice is from steel, stainless steel, bronze, gold, resins ...
For installations, the choice is very wide: plastic clothh, wire mesh, stays, bungee cords, inflatable volumes, resins, stainless steel tubes or PVC, LEDs, diodes,steel cables...

For architectural projects, the choice of glass or mirrors can be interesting.
Several alternatives are proposed and studied in terms of security, technical feasibility, technical practicability
life durability ...

The colour

The choice of colours depends on the space of reception. The treatment of colour can be studied according to different ways: pure colours, shaded colours, coverage in the gold leaf, covering …

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The lighting

The lighting is an important point in my researches of the visual aspect of the artworks. Again, the choice depends on the location.
Illumination should evoke the energy and its presence. It can simulate flashes of lightning, but also represent a "bowl of energy", a "cloud of light”, or a “rain of light, create a movement as a " waterfall of brightness »

It may be related to the phenomenon of invisible waves symbolize the Information and Communication than men exchanged between them. With the lighting, the artist transformed the invisible into visible.

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