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"source" :: a monumental artwork

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The artwork "Source" is unique because of its concept and its dimensions.
It is a monumental art installation on a High Voltage 225 000 volts of transmission line "Amnéville - Montois" France. Four high-tension towers and 1.5 kilometers of the line are transformed into works of art.

The artwork:

Sizes: 34 meters heigh, 1255 meters long, 28 meters wide.
Weight: 28 tons.
Technical medium: Stay cables and tubes of stainless steel over four high-voltage pylons on the  line carrying electricity 225 000 voltes. 

Materials used: 3 284m of steel cable,  2 708m of stays, 525m of  plastic canvas, 576m of stainless steel tubes, 384 fixations, 40 lighting projectors  controlled by satellite.
Pylon No. 10, "Source - light" - height 28m.

Pylon No. 11, "Source - water - height 28m.

Pylon No. 12, "Source - energy - height 34m.

Pylon No. 13, "Source - flame" - height 34m.
Tourist and Spa Center - Amnéville les Thermes ( French Region of Lorraine). Site visited by around 5 million tourists a year.
               Esplanade site

               57 360 Amnéville les Thermes
Tourist Office of Amnéville: Phone: +33 3 87 70 10 40
Inaugurated: 17th February, 2004.

Calendar of events:
• Two years of negotiations (2001-2003)
• June 2003: signature of a convention confirming the technical and financial responsibilities of both partners RTE and the City of Amnéville.
• 18 months of study. Validations of technical solutions, selection of materials and measuring the implications in terms of security, sustainability of the installation and the resistance to degradation.
• August - December 2003 - Construction supervised by RTE. The towers have been repainted and equipped with stays who dressed them from head to toe. Each pylon is highlighted by monochrome lighting.

Artist: Elena Paroucheva
Sponsor and management:
RTE - Network Transmission of Electricity, France. 

• The important actor of Land Management whose network feeds throughout high and very high voltage.
• Corporate Citizenship listening to the communities that seeks to reconcile public services and respect for the environment.
• RTE carries electricity between electricity suppliers (French and European) and consumers, whether they are electricity distributors ( EDF and the local distribution ) or eligible consumers - industrial sites directly connected to transport network . With 100 000 km of lines between 63 000 and 400 000 volts and 44 cross-border lines, the network managed by RTE is the largest in Europe.  RTE achieved a turnover of   

3 657 million euros in 2002 and employs 8 000 people.  


• Since 2006, the monumental work "Source" is included in "The European archives of urban public space."
• It is recognized by the Ministry of Culture as an important monument and since 2008 it is open to the public on the "European Heritage Days".
• Guided tours are organized by the Tourist Office of Amneville in order to present the artwork “Source” to the visitors. 

• In 2009, the artwork "Source" is laureate of « Science and Technology in Art European »  Competition, organized by SUPELEC within the framework of the French Presidency of the European Union.

• The work is presented in many exhibitions, congresses, conferences in France and abroad.
• "Source" has been edited: books, calendars, postcards.

It has been cited by many articles in the regional, national and international press as well as other media: TV, radio, internet.

Slideshow RTE  - PDF file

"Source"- PDF file 

The website www.electric-art.eu introduce the creation of the artwork, its evolution, photographs, videos...

Amnéville les Thèrmes

Photo pylons No. 10 and No. 11, aerial view - Tourist and Spa Center in Amnéville les Thermes, France

Amneville, France 

page video "Source"

The Esplanade of the Tourist and Spa Center in Amnéville les Thermes, France

                 Pylon No. 13 of the transmission line

                    "Amnéville - Montois", France


The artist Elena Paroucheva during the work


See: www.electric-art.eu

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